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We will be opening the OFA to new memberships starting this Fall. Stay tuned for updates and more information on how you can join.

The Oconee Food Alliance (OFA) is the overarching network that houses our Oconee Food Council (OFC). This collective organization will consist of individuals and organizations that are invested in creating a thriving local food system for Oconee County, SC working with and through the OFC. Membership in the OFA will provide local food system actors and advocates with multiple avenues to join the work of the food council, both at the community and county level. Members of the OFA are eligible to join an OFC standing committee, subcommittee, or task force and will have a community liaison appointed to their area that can provide another channel of communication with the food council or information about community-level food system work. Plans for the OFA also include providing unique engagement and volunteer opportunities, such as farm tours and hands-on support for local producers, food documentary movie nights, local events focused on food subcultures of our area, coordinating food-related relief efforts in the event of a natural disaster, and receiving resources / training for various local food system initiatives.

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