June 2022

The Oconee Food Alliance (OFA) will be officially launched in June 2022!

Stay tuned for updates and more information on how you can join!

In the meantime, connect with your OFC Community Liaisons

Oconee County spans over 600 square miles and has a population of approximately 79,000 people. As the Oconee Food Council (OFC) works to serve the entire county and create lasting change that will benefit all residents with growth of the Oconee Food Alliance (OFA), we want to ensure each and every resident has the opportunity to have their needs, concerns, and ideas heard. For this reason, we have appointed several community liaisons as a fundamental component of the Alliance to serve as an accessible line of communication between area residents and the members of the OFC. 
Each liaison is a resident of the area they serve, providing food council representation for their community members and helping local residents organize to work on their community food system. These OFC community liaisons can also connect their community members with the right members of the food council to participate in county-level initiatives. That being said, your local community liaison is your point person for all things OFC — if you have general questions about the work of the food council, suggestions for your community needs, or getting involved in the broader work of the OFC! 
As the Alliance grows, we hope to have other communities in our county that are represented in addition to the current areas of Long Creek, Mountain Rest, Salem, Seneca, Walhalla and Westminster. If you are a resident in an area that does not have an OFC community liaison or community-level organizing but would like to join these efforts, please reach out to the OFC staff and we will provide support by connecting you with members of the Oconee Food Summit / OFC network in your area.  

Find your Community Liaison so you can quickly and easily contact them when needed.